Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Well, that's what I've been doing the past few weeks. Waiting. 
We've been busy getting DH registered for college this fall and doing 5ks(ha! Ok, just one) and the usual church things that keep us busy. 

My doctor ordered an extensive round of bloodwork three weeks ago for things such as antibodies and protein levels. When the nurse came around the corner with enough vials that she needed both hands, I knew I was gonna need a room! I feel God placed this sweet lady in my path for encouragement. She was so understanding and shared with me her own long struggle with infertility. We have a little "bond" now :)

I have yet to hear back with the results. I also had my cd 21 progesterone check last Wednesday and also have yet to hear back about it.
*insert quick rant*
 I get that I'm not their only patient, but I have called several times. The first time, the nurse called me back to tell me the dr would call me last weekend with the results since she was working the weekend shift. I have yet to hear anything. I'm sort of frustrated. Because of my lack of news I haven't posted anything here. 

In other news I tested yesterday at cd 11 and got a negative. ( I didn't say it was good news! Lol) Hoping that it was a bit too early. Ok- honest time! I totally used an opk this afternoon because I read somewhere that you can use them in a pinch if you don't have an HPT, something about them reading the same hormones and lots of women had tested positive with opk's at the same time they tested positive with a HPT. I used my digital Clear Blue Advanced opk's and got a big fat empty circle :/ Hoping it just didn't read right or something. It was such a bad choice, y'all! Don't do it! Made me feel really bummed for a bit. I'm over it though and just trying to mentally prepare for my next round of Clomid and hot flashes! Yippeeee! If hot flashes and headaches make babies(ok, maybe we will include hubby) then bring it!!!

I test again on Thursday or Friday and already have fun plans for Friday night to celebrate! Why? Because I still have to live and I still have to love and I still need to enjoy this life WHILE I'M WAITING!

Great song with a message that applies to so many situations we go through. While TTC I find myself always waiting. Waiting to plan something until after I know whether we are pregnant this month- waiting after a negative test until cd1- waiting til AF is gone- waiting to ovulate- waiting to test. It's a viscous cycle. While I joke about all this on a day to day basis to help me handle it all, it really can steal the joy of life if I get too wrapped up in the "waiting". So while I'm waiting, I vow to honor Jesus, love my husband, spend time with my family, reach out to others and serve in whatever  way I can. I challenge you to take a look at how TTC/any other challenge affects you. Does it throw you into a world to yourself and make you only focus on yourself? Do you use your experience with pain, grief, or "waiting" to try to be more understanding of others? Just some thoughts to leave you with until I have some news....

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