Sunday, January 4, 2015

Little Kicks

We had a great Christmas(other than the dreaded "flu" bug hitting all but 1 of the 22 of us! I wasn't very lucky.) We traveled to Michigan which is about a 14 hour drive from us. Let me tell you...traveling pregnant is not the most fun thing I've ever done. Out of the car every 2 hours to get the circulation going again is rather annoying. But I did it, lol.

In other exciting news, on December 29th, I was lying in bed and I felt the first kick from the outside! What a moment! I told Nathan to put his had on my belly and he was able to feel it too. Amazing how I could go from feeling a tiny tap here and there on the inside to full blown kicking, but so far, baby wakes me up in the morning with kicking and we go to bed with kicking. Baby also has found it's favorite side and I often have a "mound" the size of my fist on the right side. I'm sure it won't be as cute in another ten weeks so I'll enjoy it now. Our next appointment is coming up this Thursday and it's our gender ultrasound so stay tuned for our announcement!

This week I have spent a lot of time pondering what it will really mean to be a parent. The responsibility and seriousness of it can be overwhelming. You are responsible for another human's care and well-being. Being Christians, we also feel that we have a great responsibility to teach our child about God's love and grace and salvation. Such an important job. I know that God will be faithful to lead and direct our little family and I'm fully trusting in Him.