Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Update

J2BO update:
It's Thursday and I'm on cd 19 and 7dpo.
Got back on Sunday from a weekend away and started the TWW the day before!
Hate to say it but I'm symptom watching. It's what I do. Don't judge. Technically, I have 4 days until I test. I got my positives at 11 dpo with my other pregnancies, so I imagine I'll test then(Monday 6/9).
Then probably again next Saturday if I get a negative. How awesome would it be to give hubby a Father's Day card?!

So far, I am just feeling uncomfortable and slightly dizzy. Oh and numb, since I had dental work done today and they numbed my mouth.(After hitting the nerve! It was like electric shock!) I also have been short of breath today, which I don't think is related but I'm keeping a watch on that.

I will have my labs done on Monday to check my progesterone levels and then again a week later. Hoping for high numbers Monday!

The Real Stuff update:

First off, God is still good. Plain and simple.

Work is going awesome! I work with the best bunch, I really do. My boss always gives me a look after my progesterone labs come back, that "Sooooo???" look. We are a close group after my losses and they have stuck right there by me the whole way.

Hubby is working out of town until the weekend so I cant wait for him to get home! He told me before he left that he is taking me out on a date when he gets back :)

My niece is due in a week or so and I'm so excited about her arrival! Also hoping to steal big sister away for some fun while her mommy is on maternity leave. I seriously think that sweet three year old is the only reason I didn't have a complete nervous breakdown after my first loss. She means the world to me! She often asks if there is a baby in my tummy(because of Mommy's pregnancy, she thinks everyone is having a baby) and I can't wait for the day I can answer yes!

Well, dinner is calling- I'll update again soon! Maybe I'll have some really good news :)