Sunday, February 22, 2015

So Loved

I took a few 27 week shots of BellaRae and I yesterday. Although they aren't professional and my clothes and hair are very "Saturday", these are really special to me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hurry wait!

I  am a bad blogger. End of story. I always think about blogging but its the doing it that I struggle with...which leads to long posts like this one to catch everyone up!

Well January and February have been pretty good/easy on me.  But, here's what I'm learning so far: That a pregnancy pillow is a MUST, and that even skinny girls' legs can be unrecognizable at the end of the day.(Are those spider veins on my FEET?!) Propelling myself from the bed is almost like a second alarm to my brain. I can gain thirty pounds. (Yes, you read that right. The goal is forty per my doctor so I'm pretty sure I've got it covered.) There's practically no healthy food unless if came from your own garden, and everything is full of chemicals. The decaf department is seriously lacking in options and flavors. Our bathroom stalls at work are not made with overweight or pregnant ladies in mind. (I'm not sure why this is such a pet peeve...oh pregnancy!) I have come to terms with flats... Goodbye all cute heels/wedges, see you after baby. If food was a person, it would be in my "favorites" on my iPhone. We spend a lot of quality time together: at work, in the car, on the couch. I've lost sight of my waist, that dreaded fear of mine. I'm proud to say I don't think Nathan even knows that. (If you're lost, then never mind. Trying not to pull a full blown TMI.) Sometimes babies kick places that should be off limits. I could add many more! This is such an interesting experience, this pregnancy stuff!

We spent the last half of our Valentine's Day date baby shopping at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us. It was a bit overwhelming and the first time we had really tried to get an idea of everything we will need. We picked out a crib and pushed strollers around in the store and walked out with a bag of maternity clothes! We decided on a mini crib since the baby will be in our room and we want as much room to walk around as possible. I decided to make the crib skirt myself and here's the pretty gold shimmer polka dot fabric I'm using.
It took me weeks and weeks to decide on a theme but here are my Pinterest inspirations:

I can't wait to see how it all turns out and I'll be sure to post pictures!
I have my first baby shower in a few weeks, and it's so weird to be the one being "showered" instead of the one hosting! It's exciting, though!
I can't wait to meet this little girl! I can't decide if I want time to speed up or if I'll miss these little moments where she is constantly with me. Thank you, God for this little blessing.