Thursday, December 18, 2014

Guns or Glitter?

At my monthly checkup today I'd gained 8lbs! My doctor had told me she would like to see a pound per week during this trimester and a total of 40 pounds by full term(I've used her for almost nine years and she has never seen me gain weight.) and I doubled it! You all have no idea how happy that made me! I'm drinking Ensure along with eating as much as possible now that I'm no longer having any sickness, so she was pleased and told me to continue what I was doing.

 Daddy has yet to be able to come to any appointments so we are planning for him to be at our anatomy ultrasound in January. January can not come fast enough! I'm torn between the whole "enjoying my pregnancy" and wanting to fast forward to knowing the gender. I don't have a preference at all, but have called baby a "he" since the beginning, even without thinking, so I'm curious to see if it's a mommy intuition thing or not :) Daddy would love a little hunting buddy but I have a feeling he would make one out of a boy or a girl!