Friday, July 25, 2014

On to round 2!

It's Friiiidaaaaay!

....and we are back in the TTC game. Negative-o on the preggo. On Wednesday, I also had an hcg panel and the result was .1 and progesterone had dropped to 10.5 . I started the tiniest bit of spotting Wednesday night so I have been expecting the call that it had dropped.

My doctor told me to go ahead and get the Clomid refilled for this cycle. She also offered to refer us to an RE(reproductive endocrinologist) if we wanted so that we could stay encouraged to keep pressing on. How sweet is that!? I quickly told her nurse that I was VERY encouraged by my progesterone levels being so very high and we would keep taking Clomid for now. I don't want to open myself up to even more doctor appointments than I already have. It takes a toll when you work full time and then have to take time off to see your doctor as frequently as we have been going over the past year and a half. And besides, one month of infertility meds is nothing! I still only had a small chance this cycle so I want to stay on this path that seems to be going well and keep trying. I will start my next round of Clomid in about a week. Please help me pray that my body will not be affected the same way it was last cycle by this medicine. It is very hard to function with so many side effects. Every one of them will be worth it, but in the meantime I still need to function ;)  We have a fun date planned tonight and I'm in a grand mood, thank the Lord!

Hot flash city- here we come....again!!

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