Thursday, March 19, 2015

30 week pictures and an update on our Sugar Baby

Over a month ago I had my first glucose test, which I failed pretty badly so I had to do the 3 hour test. Last Monday I met with my doctor for the first time since the 3 hour and we discussed that I had passed. Whew! Then, I asked some questions about why I failed the first one. Aaaaand, that's how I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Once she dug into my charts she kept finding levels that worried her. I freaked out while she talked about what might happen if this was left untreated, large baby, and in most cases a hypoglycemic baby, c-section for certain, possibly pre-eclampsia.... So I agreed to do whatever it takes so that BellaRae is born healthy and full term.

Today is day 7 of finger pricking and logging meals. It's a lot of extra work and  if you know me, you probably wonder how in the world I'm pricking my finger multiple times a day. I really had to pray hard on that one! It made me so nervous and sick at first! I'm getting used to it now and my numbers have also gotten better so I feel good about everything so far.

I'm 31 weeks, but still need to share a few pictures my sister Melanie took last week so here they are:

As you might imagine, things are getting pretty hard to do. Bending over to pick up something is now a luxury of the past. I now have to use my feet to scoot things either to the side and wait for help or drop to my knees and risk not being able to get up. Most of you can relate. I also have had a lot of swelling the last two weeks so I've spent my evenings with my feet up. (Sounds nice, but this mama has stuff to do!)

Well, that's my update for now! I'll share our "nursery" next!

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